CREED tribute


We just want to thank all of of U who joint us last time on the tribute to CREED.

We did have a real good time up in the stage again.

Playing live its a real pleasure and a privilege to share it with U.

We encourage you to send us your feedback about this gig

Thank you all

creed tribute fly (3)


Finally back to rehearsal this weekend

Finally after a small recess WITH NO SOUND on the atmosphere around me, we are back to rehearsal this weekend ;)

The plan for this weekend rehearsal would be to FOLLOW up on the incorporation of our new vocal candidate. We all play some new songs which he has prepared and rehearsal during this rest period using our background music.

Seed us your good energy…. And if you are interested to join us this weekend to share some good music & beers, you are very welcome to do so.

If you do not know how to get there, shoot us an email for directions.