Heavens core its a rock metal band formed back on 2009.


Our music has that special taste on your tongue of a hard & fine beer (the kind you don’t wanna miss).  But if you really want to have bit of a taste of our music without even hearing it for the first time, you just need to picture that very recommendable dose of metal rock with a twist of progressive…


New metal / Post Grunge / Progressive metal


Let’s check out our individual background and history now;  Pappox (guitarist) & Kill (drummer) had met and played together back on 1995. They both share around the same taste for music and had been played for around 18 years.

Leo (bassist) has been on the field for over 20 years, and starter playing since 1990. He has also played with a few local bands in Juarez MX such as DOÑA JUANA & ADICCION.

Bruno (also guitarist) has also been around for a while, 1991 to be precise. He was one out of two who initiated a legendary local band in Cd Juarez MX, used to called ANCLA. He started to play the guitar at the edge of 18 (not to young, not to old); it’s never too late, u just need to have that real desire.

This band has a bunch of engineers in it; Bruno has a master degree in Manufacturing Engineering / Kill has a major in Industrial Engineering / Pappox has a major in Computer Science & Leo has lots of experience in sales / Eddie its also a sales guy.


Pappox (Guitar) / Kill (Drums) / Leo (Bass & Vocals) / Bruno (Guitar & Vocals) / Axl Penha (Lead singer)


Breaking Benjamin / Dream Theater / Sound Garden / Alice in Chains / Saliva / Disturbed / Fates Warning / Papa roach / Just to name a few…



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